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so a thing i forgot about the NIS artbooks is that the japanese version of the D1 artbook had a little section near the end of the book dedicated to fanart from japanese fans from the game. for some reason or another, this section is absent in the english translation of the book by Broccoli Books.

should also be worth mentioning that the JP Makai Kingdom artbook has this section as well. idk if any of the other Disgaea artbooks have fanart sections; MK is the only JP artbook i have so far, and i’m aiming to get D3R next. if i can figure out some way to get scans of MK’s fanart section, i’ll post shots of those.


so i forgot NISA had a book label once


so zophar got the music for Disgaea DS ripped if anyone wants to listen to D1’s music in all its compressed chip-format glory

course you’ll probably need chipamp or something to play the files


a little bit of the soul nomad scenery 




IVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR LIKE 3 DAYS crie s. I wanted to try this coloring style for awhile now to bad i kinda messed up the anatomy eve.

I accidently added a decent background tooo.


it me


Whoops missed few things! Some Witch and the Hundred Knight things from the NIS Anni book. Removed the not so safe for work one. lol But yeah, that one was on the page of Metallia too. I scanned that one 600 dpi, so if anyone wants larger copy of one of those pics, I can provide.

And early doodles of the Disgaea 4 cast!

AND NOW, that’s really about it for art. XD Did scan some of the DD2 pics HUGE (largely for personal wallpaper making… so what if I want Flonne hugging a Laharl plushie filling my screen?! >:[ ) buuut Tumblr wouldn’t let me upload em’ big enough to be worth posting really. lol BUT if anyone wants the huge scans, send me a pm!

Hey you guys! We source all the fan art on here, but we don’t usually get submissions. If you guys would like to submit some of your art to the blog we’d be glad to post it! Any fan art you have send it in we have over 200 followers, that’s not bad for a little recognition!

- School Board Pres.

P.S.: Definitely submit if they’re pictures of yours truly School board president for life! You gotta read those ballots people.