Information gathered from across the netherworld, compiled together by none other than the President of the school board and the beloved butler Geoffrey. Like a Library this page lays claim to no information. Everything is sourced to the correct sites, brought together on this page as a resource to the community.
About Geoffrey
Lvl: 2000
All-Prepared Butler
A butler formerly working under Mao, now lending his services to the Directory. Responsible for scouring the universe for images and other various demonic media. May or may not be a washed up hero in disguise.
About April
Lvl: 1805
School Board Pres.
The president of the formerly prestigious school board of evil academy. After a salty run in she's taken up gathering information in a timely manner to present to the netherworld's young people. May or may not have a crush on Geoffrey
About Revya
Lvl: 1000
The hero of Prodesto who came to Evil Academy for a job as a teacher. She doesn't talk much but is always willing to share information on her homeworld.
About Miss.Machiko
Lvl: 1925
Your basic every day succubus with a knack for administrative work. She may not be as up-tight as the School Board Pres. but she likes to give a little help now and then. Whether it be typing or demon relations she's top notch!
About Almaz
Lvl: 1800
A guardsman from the human world that came to Evil Academy to defeat the overlord in order to protect the princess. After some shenanigans and an adventure in the Netherworld, he became a true hero. Now he lends a helping hand to the Directory with their music.
Attention!: Welcome Almaz

We here at the Netherworld Directory would like to welcome our new member Almaz Von Almandine Admin! Almaz will be doing our music postings from now on. Due to this our postings will be more frequent than a song every now and then.

We are very thankful for having this young Hero aboard our crew- even though we’ve had run in’s before (you know where they completely destroyed me even though I very difficult to get an attack hit on) but we’ve settled our differences for the furthering of demon knowledge.

Please welcome him to our group!

If you’re looking for a song we’ve posted on ND, please check out the tab on our page “Audio”. If you do not want to see audio postings our tag is “disgaea audio”. 

- School Board Pres.

As much as I’m still not over him getting in the way of… well, certain things, I’m willing to let that slide. Welcome to the team, Almaz. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay.

- Geoffrey




Song: Strange Wind

Artist: Tenpei Sato

Album: Phantom Brave Soundtrack - Disc 2


A quick Dark Eclair~

25 Mins.~


Here at the Netherworld Directory we’ve been doing a lot of maintenance work. Our follower count just keeps growing and we’d like to add many new features to our blog to keep you all happy!

In order to do that we’d like to have a few more admins around. If you or a friend would like to join ND we have an application you can send to us under the cut!

(Keep in mind this ain’t a paying gig it’s just for fun!)

What we’re looking for:

  • Someone to post some breaking news updatesSay NIS sends out a new prinny bomb? If it involves any of the NIS games that we cover we’d like a little bulletin about it! Or maybe there’s a new leak? A post about it and maybe some sourced information.
  • What we need is someone to keep up some news bulletins for us!
  • Someone to keep up the discussion! We usually add little questions now and then to spark a little conversation between the fandom. It usually turns out really well and we’d like someone to make a discussion from anywhere between once a week to three times a week to once a day.
  • An avid player that would be willing to post strategies here and there for any of our games! (We mostly need them for disgaea but makai kingdom, phantom brave, etc. are welcome as well!)
  • A daily music post. If you have a large collection of NIS soundtracks we’d like to keep up a daily soundtrack post! 
  • If you have anything you’d like added to Netherworld-Directory we’d like to hear it! Just send us some suggestions in our ask, submit, fan mail, or even our email.
  • If you’d like to do something else for the Netherworld-Directory we’d like to hear that too!

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Scan from the Disgaea anime fanbook. From the currently-defunct DigiFlonne archive.

Scans from the Makai Senki Disgaea: Three Dash! light novel. From the currently-defunct DigiFlonne archive.

(Source: minitokyo.net)

Song: Ninja Dance

Artist: Tenpei Sato

Album: Disgaea 2: Original Soundtrack


Ryoji Nomura’s one of my main senpais and I never drew Prier before. Such blasphemy.