Information gathered from across the netherworld, compiled together by none other than the President of the school board and the beloved butler Geoffrey. Like a Library this page lays claim to no information. Everything is sourced to the correct sites, brought together on this page as a resource to the community.
About Geoffrey
Lvl: 1900
All-Prepared Butler
A butler formerly working under Mao, now lending his services to the Directory. Responsible for scouring the universe for images and other various demonic media. May or may not be a washed up hero in disguise.
About April
Lvl: 1780
School Board Pres.
The president of the formerly prestigious school board of evil academy. After a salty run in she's taken up gathering information in a timely manner to present to the netherworld's young people. May or may not have a crush on Geoffrey
About Revya
Lvl: 1000
The hero of Prodesto who came to Evil Academy for a job as a teacher. She doesn't talk much but is always willing to share information on her homeworld.


I am heartless


Raspberyl doodle~ P:


Disgaea 30 Day Challenge  
Day 10 ~ Almaz and Sapphire

All caught up! 
Sapphire is such a tough princess to save. 

Attention!: 300 Follower Give Away!!!




We’ve done it everyone… We finally hit 300 followers! (sniffle) I almost want to cry! We started our blog and in such a short time we’ve blossomed into so many followers. I honestly didn’t think this many people would care for our blog, but I’m pleasantly surprised. We strive to bring you all accurate, sourced, and extensive information I just hope we’ve helped a few of you. - School Board Pres.

Okay now for the give away part!



Original soundtrack: Disgaea, Disgaea 2, Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4, Disgaea D2, The Disgaea Anime, Witch and the Hundred Knight, Phantom Brave, Makai Kingdom, Soul Nomad.
Arranged: Disgaea, Disgaea Dark Label, Disgaea 2, Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4, Phantom Brave, Makai Kingdom, Soul Nomad.
Exclusives: Afternoon of Darkness, Dark Hero Days, Raspberyl Chapters, Absence of Detention, The Fuka and Desco Show.


FIRST PLACE - Our first place winner will receive a download of their choices from ALL the soundtracks listed above (you can have all of them if you really want that but the download could take…hours upon hours)

SECOND PLACE - Our second place winner will receive a download of one OST, one Arranged, and All the exclusives of their choice. (Only one of each you can mix and match or get the corresponding OST. You can have all the Exclusives!)

THIRD PLACE - Our third place winner will receive a download of one Arranged Album and it’s corresponding exclusive. (Say you pick Disgaea 2’s arranged. You will receive the Dark Hero Days exclusives along with it!)


  • You must re-blog or like this post for an entry in the contest. 
  • If you re-blog and like you will have two entries
  • You can re-blog as much as you’d like but be considerate of your followers!! Multiple re-blogs will not give you a better chance.
  • You MUST be following us to participate
  • No giveaway blogs
  • We will be using this site to pick our winners
  • Contest will run from July 6th - July 31st

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Disgaea 30 Day Challenge  
Day 9 ~ Mao and Raspberyl

I’m a day behind. XD Was doing so good too. Gotta try and finish up day 10 as well to make up for it. 


Disgaea - Etna & Laharl @ Cosfest XIII