Information gathered from across the netherworld, compiled together by none other than the President of the school board and the beloved butler Geoffrey. Like a Library this page lays claim to no information. Everything is sourced to the correct sites, brought together on this page as a resource to the community.
About Geoffrey
Lvl: 2000
All-Prepared Butler
A butler formerly working under Mao, now lending his services to the Directory. Responsible for scouring the universe for images and other various demonic media. May or may not be a washed up hero in disguise.
About April
Lvl: 1805
School Board Pres.
The president of the formerly prestigious school board of evil academy. After a salty run in she's taken up gathering information in a timely manner to present to the netherworld's young people. May or may not have a crush on Geoffrey
About Revya
Lvl: 1000
The hero of Prodesto who came to Evil Academy for a job as a teacher. She doesn't talk much but is always willing to share information on her homeworld.
About Miss.Machiko
Lvl: 1925
Your basic every day succubus with a knack for administrative work. She may not be as up-tight as the School Board Pres. but she likes to give a little help now and then. Whether it be typing or demon relations she's top notch!


YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS FOR. And the surprise first. 
I DO. 

For now you get a Bad Ass frikken Dad telling his daughter to hold his hand, and she can always be homeschooled. They can just turn around right now and head back to his netherworld.


Commissions? What? Who?? Naw man doodling this babe seems much more productive to me imo.

We need a logo! Any Ideas?

Okay you guys, I’m sure you’re all used to seeing our wonderful faces on the icon but honestly we need a logo! We’ve been adding members left and right so of course we can’t fit many more into the icon.

What we need are some ideas for a logo, an icon we can use, something familiar you can associate with the netherworld directory!

None of us have cash to commission artists so we’d like some ideas instead.

If you have any ideas for our new icon answer right here, send us an ask, submit, fan mail, or either send us an email all together!

Thank you all I hope you have a hellish day!

- School Board Pres


A horse wiener? Son, things just got real.

(Source: youtube.com)

Attention!: Updates

Okay that’s enough for the night. It’s 5:23 AM, and so far I’ve updated the pictures for the Disgaea 1, 2, 3, and 4 main character pages, updated the Disgaea 4 main character information, created the hub page coding and all, queued and tagged over 70 posts, and created a tag if you would like to blacklist our Attention! posts on any tag you can blacklist ndattention.

my mouse has gone dead so I’m out for the night/morning.

- School board Pres.

Attention!: Contact Hub

Being a group page, we at the Netherworld Directory have been unable to send messages that weren’t anonymous. So I took the initiative to create the:


This won’t effect the way you ask, submit, or send fan mail, but it will greatly improve our contact with you all! Our contact hub will be maintained by our dear administrative assistant Miss.Machiko!

- School Board Pres.


I’ll be happy to assist where necessary~ Thank you for adding me to your little group <3


demonboy007 said —
❝ Of most tumblr blogs I see, yours is the most awesome due to the Soul Nomad love you show moderately. Any Soul Nomad/Cradle attention is always beloved! ❞

Thank you so much! Soul Nomad/Cradle happens to be one of my favorite NIS games! But I think the one we most have to thank for the sudden influx is our member Revya. They have a knack for finding some great fan art as well as official art!

- School Board Pres.

❝ I just wanted to say, thank you so much for running this blog. Disgaea tends to not get a lot of documentation, due to being a niche, unpopular game... ❞

No, thank YOU! It’s nice to receive such a sweet message from time to time. Myself and the other admins have all been trying their best to bring light to such a great video game series. But you know what? Thank you guys for being such great followers! Maybe if we all work together we’ll be able to get out more Disgaea and NIS game info!

- School Board Pres. 

Hmhmhm~ We appreciate the compliment. Trust that we’ll be doing our best to supply this site with more information on the netherworld. Thank you for your kind words!

- Geoffrey

We hit 413 followers…. Hehehehe….

- Homestuck School Board Pres. April